Service and Delivery

Lenox Propane offers a wide range of flexible delivery and service plans. You're sure to find one that gives you the piece of mind knowing that you'll have an ample supply of gas, and that you're equipment is safe.

Emergency Service

Lenox Propane is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you require an unscheduled delivery or emergency service, give us a call at 570-222-3178. If it's after our normal operating hours, you will be provided with emergency contact numbers.

Propane Fuel Delivery

AUTOMATIC DELIVERY - Almost all of our customers are on automatic delivery. Based on your usage and tank size, we schedule your deliveries to ensure they are delivered in a timely manner so no run-out occurs. Our schedules and routes are devised to ensure prompt and cost-efficient deliveries. We recommend the automatic delivery cycle so you never have to worry.

"WILL CALL" - We do offer a "will call" delivery option for those that do not want automatic delivery. This option is where the customer calls when he/she wants to schedule a delivery. Although we do not recommend this option, it is available. We do recommend if you want to be on a "will call" basis that you watch your usage and make sure you call before you are almost out as we will deliver the next time we are in your area on our scheduled routes. Unfortunately, emergency deliveries for customers on a "will call" basis may incur an additional special trip fee. To avoid paying that fee, we recommend the automatic delivery cycles.


SERVICE WORK - We provide our customers with highly trained technicians to install and run lines for their propane appliances. We also provide propane repair service to all our cutomers. Our trained service technicians will be able to diagnose and repair your equipment. Whether it's your gas range, hot water heater, or gas dryer, we can help. Contact our office at 570-222-3178 to schedule a service call.

GAS CHECK SERVICE - We also offer a gas check service. We can test your lines to ensure they are in proper working order. We recommend that if your lines have not been checked or it has been some time since your last service, that you contact our office at 570-222-3178 and schedule a gas check today.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, simply give us a call at 570-222-3178. We're happy to discuss with you your specific questions or concerns.

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