Propane Tips

Experience the full benefits of propane gas by following these safety and energy saving tips!

You can find a variety of tips below in the following categories:

Energy Savings

There's many ways you can save energy in your own home. Long showers or baths take more hot water and hence use more energy. You can save energy by taking less baths and taking quicker showers. An occasional hot bath or long shower is sometimes needed but done as an everyday occurrence can turn into a high energy bill at the end of the month.

In winter months to help save energy, turn your thermostats down a little and wear a long sleeve shirt instead of keeping your home at a higher temperature. Even turning down your thermostats a few degrees will help save energy.

Safety Tips

Summer is the most popular time for grilling and most families will grill about 3-4 times a week. With this in mind, we would like to offer some grilling tips:

  1. When lighting your grill always keep the top open and never lean over the grill or put your face near the racks.
  2. Do not allow children to light or use the grill.
  3. Followthe manufacturer's instructions for lighting and operation.
  4. Do not check for leaks using lighters or matches.
  5. For more safe grilling tips, go to

Winter Preperation

Although temperatures are warm now, soon fall will be here and then winter. It's not too early to begin preparing for colder weather. The steps you take now can help you be prepared for this coming winter.

Summer is a good time to call and arrange for a service technician to address any problems that were not addressed last winter. Taking care of potential problems now will help to avoid emergencies in the winter.

Arrange to have any new heating appliances installed before the heating season. Installing them early ensures they will be installed in a timely manner and will help to ensure you are ready for the heating season.

Call our office with any service needs or concerns so we can help prepare your home for the winter season.

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