Residential Propane Service

For over 65 years we've been making people a part of our family. Call us today and let us welcome you home!

Fuel your home with propane from the area's leading provider

We serve thousands of customers in 5 counties in Northeastern Pennsylvania including Lackawanna, Wayne, Susquehanna, Wyoming and Monroe. We take our role seriously in providing customers the propane that keeps them warm on cold winter nights, provides hot water for baths and showers, and puts hot food on America's dinner tables.

We are unsurpassed in our propane delivery and service and maintain the highest level of commitment to safety and reliabilty. Our customer service and dedication to providing all of your propane needs has made Lenox Propane the provider of choice in all the communities we serve.

We worry so you don't have to

We've been warming Northeastern Pennsylvania homes, boiling their water and cooking their food since 1949. Our customers have been putting their trust in us for more than half a century.

When you choose Lenox Propane, we worry so you don't have to! As a Lenox Propane customer, you can be assured that you'll get:

Meet our family and products

Our West Clifford office and showroom offers you a place where you can come and pay a bill, set up a new account, find out information concerning your needs, and be introduced to a variety of propane powered appliances.

If you want more information about the availability of appliances, have questions about your propane service, or would like to schedule a delivery or set up service, please contact our office at 570-222-3178. We're always happy to hear from you.

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