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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some common questions our customers have had in the past.

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I do not wish to keep my current supplier and want to become a customer. What do I have to do and what does it cost?

It's easy to become our customer. Contact our office at 570-222-3178 and we will make an account for you and schedule a date to bring our tank. After we have placed and connected our tank, you can notify your previous company and they will remove their tank. The only cost is a one time fee for placing and connecting our tank. It also covers our servicemen to re-light your appliances and check your system.

I never had propane before, how do I know what tank size I need?

When you contact our office, we will ask you what appliances in the home will be using propane and from there we may ask a few more questions, such as btu's or square footage of the home. From this, we will choose a tank size that will properly suit your needs and our delivery schedules to ensure a run-out never happens.

Do you service seasonal accounts?

We service any home or business that uses propane, even if the usage is limited to seasons.

I've never had propane before and just bought a propane appliance. Can you install it and run gas lines?

Yes. Our service technicians are trained to install and repair propane appliances as well as propane gas lines. Just contact our office and one of our customer service representatives will assist you in scheduling a date to install your appliance and place our tanks. Estimates are also available upon request.

Billing and Payment

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms can be found on the front of your delivery ticket with additional information on the reverse side. You need to make payment within 20 days of the delivery date or before your next delivery, whichever comes first. If unpaid, finance charges will occur, delivery may be stopped and the balance may be turned over to a collection agency and a $72 collection fee will be charged.

How do I get my propane bill if I'm not at home at the time of delivery?

The delivery person will leave you a copy of your invoice, usually hanging on a door. If you would like to have your bills mailed to you instead, you may contact our office to arrange this (a $1.25 mailing fee applies to each invoice mailed).

Delivery and Service

Does "automatic delivery" cost more than "will call"?

There is no fee for either method you choose. Automatic delivery is a free method where we worry so you don't have to.

How often will I get a delivery?

That depends on your propane usage. Based on your needs we will devise a schedule that will allow us to deliver to your house or business in a timely and efficient manner. You can contact a service representative with any questions or needs concerning your delivery cycle.

Terms and Conditions

Can I access your terms and conditions online?

Yes, you can read our complete terms and conditions by clicking below:
Terms and Conditions

*** Please contact customer service at 570-222-3178 with all your questions. We'd love to answer all of them! ***